Striking Balance 2022

presented by Weavy + Wijmo

We partnered up with Wijmo for a spectacular event with unlimited possibilities. This time around we opened up for more creativity than ever before. Participants used Wijmo to showcase to the world what they thought needed attention and integrated collaborative features in their solutions using Weavy.

Using simple systems thinking methodology we asked participants to create something inspirational and help make a change where a change is needed! Put simply, systems thinking meant that the participants looked at parts as they make up a "whole" - in this case, how could they combine several issues, sources, and software to create a toolkit that solves their selcted issues?





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The Striking Balance idea

Our third hackathon ran during Juni 3rd to Oct 22nd 2022.

What is significant for this hackathon is that this is our first community related event where we partnered up with another industry leader, GrapeCity, Wijmo.

The refreshing insights from this hackathon is how the participants found new ways of empowering their solutions with our products, as well as the nature of issues being adressed. We saw an increase in combination of hardware/software all across the ideas presented.

If you want to get in touch with us at Weavy or with many of the previous hackathon attendees -  you can find us hanging out at our Discord server.



The Weavers


The Inevitables


Introducing Talkathons - a new community format

As part of the experience, we asked teams to present their developer journey's, listen in to their reasoning and how they see the future - both for themselves and their projects.

You can actually interact directly with participants on our  Discord server.

Feel free to ask questions about winning submissions or questions directly to the Weavy team.
Also keep yourself up to date with up coming events!