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Make Remote Work, Work

This hackathon showcased the creativity of tech enthusiasts to develop groundbreaking solutions for the most pressing challenges in remote work by applying no/low-code methodology.
Make remote work, work ran from the 14th of April til the 3rd of June, contained three phases (Idea submission, Prototype, and Finals), and was entirely virtual.



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See the submission

The Weavy & Noodl MRWW23 Hackathon, titled "Make Remote Work, Work," was a virtual event aiming to encourage tech enthusiasts to develop innovative solutions for challenges in remote work. The hackathon spanned from April 14th to June 3rd, 2023, and was divided into three phases: Idea Submission, Prototype, and Finals.

In the Ideation phase, teams had four weeks to brainstorm and submit their ideas. The Prototype phase began on May 12th, during which teams were required to bring their ideas to life, creating tangible prototypes using Noodl's no-code tool and Weavy Modules. The best projects then progressed to the Finals on June 3rd.

The hackathon provided several thematic areas for participants to focus on, including graphical ("The Space"), collaboration ("The Meeting Room"), gamification ("The Game Room"), learning ("The Library"), planning ("The Whiteboard"), and open innovation ("Go Wild").

Participants had the opportunity to win a variety of prizes, such as cash, state-of-the-art hardware, deluxe gadgets, and gift cards. The prizes were intended not only to reward participants but also to provide them with social media visibility and interview opportunities​.


As part of the hackathon, Weavy was made avaliable as template in Noodl's No-Code platform. You can read more about it here!