A Weavy product

Where collaboration sparks innovation

Weaveathon is more than just hackathons; it's a vibrant platform where developers come together to create, learn, and have a blast! Here's the idea:

Partner power

We team up with cutting-edge companies to bring you unique, exciting challenges that combine Weavy's building blocks with awesome tech from our partners.

Building blocks for brilliance

Weaveathon is all about exploring the possibilities when you mix creativity with powerful technologies. Unleash your inner innovator!

Everyone's invited

Whether you're a seasoned coding veteran or a curious newcomer, Weaveathon is your space to experiment and grow.

Why Weaveathon?

Expand your toolkit

Discover new technologies and push the limits of what you can create.

Network and collaborate

Meet like-minded developers, form teams, and learn from each other.

Potential for awesome

Who knows? Your Weaveathon project could be the start of something truly amazing!

Who we are

About Weavy

Human-centered through and through

"Change is a constant" - Rickard Hansson, Co-founder & CEO

Weavy was created with one thing in mind: empowering developers of all skill levels to build better web apps faster across platforms.

Our hackathon initiative is one step further to create inclusiveness and innovation - all in one place - together with our partners.